How many Pomodoros in a day?

Let's start with your schedule to find out. New to the Pomodoro technique®?

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Possible Pomodoros


Assuming 0 interuptions and breaks that are timed exactly, you would in theory be able to complete 13 Pomodoros in your schedule.

Realistic Pomodoros


Focus gets lost, unexpected interuptions happen, and breaks go longer than expected. This is life. Realistically you will be able to complete about 13.

About this tool

I've been using the Pomodoro technique for many years. I've always wondered what was "normal" for a typical workday. Google searches resulted in a wide variety of answers, but no clear benchmark.

Although people are very different, we do share the same constraint: time. With a time based approach, I created a spreadsheet based on my schedule. Finally I had an accurate idea of how many Pomodoros were right for me. That spreadsheet evolved into this tool, which I hope others find useful.

In my experience, the daily number of Pomodoros should be more of compass than a ball & chain. Productivity can be heavily affected by your: energy levels, difficulty of the work, as well as your motivation or resistance.

-Tyler Quinn

Further reading

I would highly recommend reading The Pomodoro Technique® by Francesco Cirillo. The book can be purchased directly from the author here, and dives deeper into the method as well as the thoughts and experience behind it.

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